• I was born and raised in Taipei, went to university in Boston, and now reside in San Francisco.
  • I get really excited about most things urban or international – transportation (e.g., airplanes, trains), international affairs, urban systems, etc.. But I am also easily distracted.


  • I’ve had research-oriented internships at global consultancies that gave me the ability to find ‘good enough’ data on random topics
  • I worked at a telecom-focused consulting firm for a couple of years, doing analytics work for big telcos
  • Spent another two years working on strategy & operations for a big tech company in silicon valley


  • Quit my job in early 2019 to figure out where to invest my career
  • Learning Python
  • Taking online classes in subjects I missed out on in college
  • Trying to read books more deliberately
  • Documenting all this here