What have we been building?

07 construction1

Private spending is back – Private construction value now accounts for ~78% of all construction put in place today compared to only 64% in 2011. In the past five years, private residential construction value have more than doubled (+117%), and non-residential also grew significantly (+71%). Public spending, on the other hand, remained stagnant (-1% since 2011)

07 construction2

Within private non-residential construction investments, the largest increase in construction value increase comes from lodging and offices.

  • Directly revenue generating constructions (i.e., lodging, office, amusement & recreation, manufacturing, and commercial) have above average growth rates
  • Infrastructure-type constructions (i.e., power, transportation, communication) have below average growth rate.
  • Nobody’s building religious buildings


On another note, some food for thought on this construction recovery:

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